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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a "paraeducator"?

A paraeducator is anyone who works in a classroom with students. They do not hold a teaching credential. Many paraeducators work in special education. The paraeducators ParaEducate focuses on work in Special Education with students of all abilities. Some districts call these folks "Instructional Aides" or "Paraprofessionals". If you're in a classroom supporting a student with a disability, we are here to support you!

Many of the skills we do provide are very useful for individuals working with students learning English.


2. Why did you write ParaEducate?

ParaEducate was far overdue. There are stories out there that I have experienced myself that others have had happened to them. From teachers asking, "What are you going to do?" or saying, "That one is your problem." in reference to a student with a disability to paraeducators not getting sufficient training to do their jobs, something needed to be done to provide districts, teachers, and paraeducators enough information to learn what should and should not be done.


3. What other projects is ParaEducate preparing?

The main focus project currently will be parts of Project Alpha due out in stages starting 2015. More information about Project Alpha will be released over time.

We are compiling lesson plans to be released for individual purchase. They are released as they are completed.

We are involved in webinars and going to conferences to meet with people who want to learn more about inclusive education.


4. What sorts of special education environments does ParaEducate have an interest in?

Our primary interest is working with campuses who are interested in setting up any of the following:

  • teams of paraeducators and teachers
  • working to improve an existing inclusive model or starting an inclusion model for a campus


5. How do I get ParaEducate to come to my campus/district?

Actually, it is pretty easy. Contact Renay H. Marquez to arrange a training session.


6. What are the limits on training sessions?

We are mostly limited by time constraints and location. Our biggest requests we at ParaEducate have is:

  • you provide the space to train your employees
  • you find a way to compensate your employees
  • you help us produce references as necessary for the training

The cost of our training to your district/campus will vary by the distance we have to travel and the number of people expected to involve in the training. 


7. My district cannot order through Amazon. But we want your books. Is this possible?

Contact Renay H. Marquez. She will provide your district with information on how to get the books through ParaEducate directly and the books will be shipped to you.


8. I am interested in a large (over 20) order of ParaEducate. How do I make that possible?

Contact Renay H. Marquez. She will handle your order for you and get your books delivered to the desired location.


8. When is the Blog for ParaEducate updated?

The blog is generally updated weekly on Thursdays of every week unless announced through our information on Facebook and Twitter. 


9. Are there job openings with ParaEducate?

Currently, we are not seeking for future employees. Please do not send a resume as we are not seeking individuals at this time.

10. Are the links on your website endorsed by your company?

All the companies on our website and their logos are the property of their respective companies. Only the logos and images of ParaEducate and books published by ParaEducate are property of ParaEducate and we retain the copyrights to the images and content on the website of
Links we have on this website may take you to a different website and we have no legal responsibility for the types of matter that may be on those websites. Our best efforts have been used to ensure that the material is of interest to the ParaEducate audience and the interests of ParaEducate.

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