Bard in Stick Figures
Bard in Stick Figures


Project Alpha

Release dates will be vary by topic. These are readings to pair with textbooks already used in classrooms geared to students with disabilities. Comprehension questions and relevant, scafolded activities.


  • Volume 2: World History (Fall of Rome to Enlightenment)
  • Volume 3: World History (Enlightenment to Imperialism)
  • Volume 4: World History Role of Countries in Modern Era
  • Volume 5: United States History (Colonialism to Reconstruction)
  • Volume 6: United States History Modern Years (1900-2010)
  • Volume 7: Physical and Life Science Topics
  • Volume 8: Health
  • Volume 9: PE topics


  • Curriculum is being adapted in house. More information will be released as it becomes available.
  • If you are a publisher interested in developing modified curriculum for sale bundled with your text book, please contact Renay H. Marquez.
  • Our main focus is providing modified work right now in the following subject areas:
    • Science
    • Math
    • English literature
    • English Grammar
    • US History (1600-1890)
    • World History (6/7/8)
    • Health topics
    • United States Geography
    • Physical Education
    • Life Skills


If you are a school district or a department interested in the materials we have presented please contact Renay H. Marquez.




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